Contact Lens Evaluations | New Wearers

If you’re interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, please let us know when you book your eye exam. Additional time is required to teach you how to handle, insert and remove the lenses. The cost for this professional service includes the initial consultation with the optometrist, the training process, a pair of trial contact lenses and a follow-up appointment to ensure optimal lens fit, vision and the health of your eyes.

  • Lens Options: Single Vision, Astigmatism, Color, Multifocal,1-Day.

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Contact Lens Evaluations | Current Wearers

If you’re a current contact lens wearer who would like to transfer your contact lens care to our office or simply try a new brand of contact lenses, or you’ve worn contact lenses in the past and would like to wear them again, then talk to us about a contact lens refit. This service can usually be performed at the same time as your regular eye exam.

Contact Lens Evaluations | Specialty Lenses

Specialty contact lenses fittings may be required for certain eye conditions or prescriptions. As these are all custom ordered products, the cost, lead time and exam room time required can vary. Please talk to your optometrist during your eye exam.​​